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Scientific Coffee Workshops
Agtron Inc. offers monthly Scientific Coffee Workshops for coffee professionals interested in advancing their knowledge and improving their coffee quality, consistency, and sales. This intense one day workshop introduces roasters to the science of their art and teaches the thermal chemistry, dynamics, methodology and objectives of optimized roasting. 

Students learn the revolutionary new way to roast coffee with dramatically better cup character and improved consistency.  The course covers simple instrumentation and heat control modifications for roasting equipment as well as implementation of the new Agtron roasting system.  Novices as well as seasoned experts will benefit immensely from this course, hosted each month at our Reno, Nevada facility, located adjacent to beautiful Lake Tahoe. 

For more information, please download our Coffee Seminar.pdf. To Reserve your spot, call us at 775-850-4600 or email

Coffee Seminars are hosted monthly at Agtron Inc. headquarters in Reno, Nevada. Reserve your spot today.

 9395 Double “R” Blvd. Reno, Nevada 89521
PHONE: 1-775-850-4600   FAX:   1-775-850-4611